Earn up to $150 per article!

Complete freedom: publish what you want, when you want. You create great content, we monetize it for you

What you get

Up to $150 per article

Each article earns up to $150 and there is the possibility to earn an extra 10% on your monthly earnings. Our top blasters are earning as much as $5000 per month!

Google News

We are one of the websites that got manually reviewed and accepted into Google News! It's been our main source of traffic worldwide and is helping Blasting News to grow exponentially in the US

Editorial Freedom

You can post whatever you want, whenever you want. While of course we welcome specialists on particular topics, you are not confined to only write on one subject matter

3m Readers

We only launched in the US in November and already have 3 million unique monthly readers. We are putting exciting growth strategies in place to showcase your work to an even larger audience.

Blasting News

is a fully independent magazine based on the principles of social journalism

and powered by the voices of thousands of people. Anyone can become a blaster. You can write your own articles or stay updated on other people’s news by using our social network to follow your favourite blasters.

Step 1

Sign Up

Step 2

Write an Article

Once you sign up, you are ready to write your first article on Blasting News!

Choose a topic

As you already know, you can write about whatever you want: it's in your own interest to find a topic that can maximize your earnings. Here is how we suggest you proceed when choosing what to write about:

  1. have a look at Google Trends to find out what's trending right now (Google News picks up hot topics really quickly)
  2. check out Google Keyword Planner to find the most relevant and searched keyword for your topic. This will be your main keyword and you should include it in the title of your article as well as bolded at the beginning
  3. use Ubersuggest and KeywordTool.io to find keywords related to the main one you are targeting. It's important that you include related keywords to help Google understand what your content is about and rank it as well as it can
  4. try to give your content a unique point of view. Don't limit yourself to reporting the news: try to write about topics related to keywords that people often search for on Google. This will help you improve the breadth of your content, help it stand out against the competiton and rank higher on Google for related terms. If you only report on the news, you are telling Google something it already "knows" (unless it's breaking news).

Learn more about keyword research here. It's totally worth it!

Blasting News Guidelines

We have a few rules — all explained in our Blaster Guide — that you have to follow when writing an article. Here are the most important ones:

  • include at least 2 links to Blasting News US within your article
  • split up your content in paragraphs and write a headline for each one
  • bold your most important keywords
  • report the sources of your article

Step 3

Get Approved

In order to guarantee the quality of our content we always manually check all the content that our users want to publish. That's why we have different kinds of users:  junior and senior.

Junior Blaster

Junior Blasters submit their articles for approval. These don't get published immediately: we check the uniqueness of the content, through a powerful algorithm first and our senior blasters read them manually and make sure they are really unique, well written and respect our guidelines.

Once a junior blaster has been working with us for a while and has a good track record we can make them a mid blaster, which means they can publish news whenever they like without needing approval from the senior blasters.

Senior Blaster

Once you are familiar with our processed you can apply to become a senior blaster. Senior blasters are in charge of assuring the quality of the content. They can action on an article by approving, rejecting or sending it back for revisions.

Seniors earn both for the articles they write and the ones they approve. Specifically, they get 10% of the earnings of the articles they approved plus $0,20 for each article they approved, rejected or sent back to review.

Step 4

Make Money

Promoting Your Article

Once you get it published you have to start promoting your article to bring in more visitors and increase your revenue:

  • Facebook: find groups (both open and private ones) to do with the topic you wrote about and start a discussion about your news. You could also create a Facebook group or page to start building your own specific audience.
  • Twitter: find at least one hashtag related to your article and add it to your tweet — it's demonstrated to improve the number of clicks on your tweet. Also, find people who might be interested in your articles and tag them (without spamming — try and strike up a conversation/comment on something they have written before).
  • Reddit: it's a huge driver of traffic, especially in the US. They really care about offering engaging content to their users: that's why they don't like people posting links and leaving forever — these people usually get banned... So, it's really important for you to monitor whatever you link on Reddit and get engaged in the discussions that arise.

Getting Paid

An article is active — meaning that it can earn money — for 30 days after it gets published. Because they are news articles they generally stop getting views after that period.

After the 30 days you can require payment via PayPal or bank transfer. You have to require your payment by the 3rd day of each month and you get paid by the 15th day.

Given the commissions due to the payment mediator (either the bank or PayPal) we only allow you to request a payment once you reach a total amount of $50. Otherwise you'd end up wasting most of your earnings to cover the transaction fees...

Payment System

Categories Showbiz & Tv and Sports

Social Traffic: $12 per thousand visits
  • Example 1: 200 readers = $2.4
  • Example 2: 10,000 readers = $120
Generic Traffic: $8 per thousand visits
  • Example 1: 200 readers = $1.6
  • Example 2: 10,000 readers = $80

All other categories

Social Traffic: $8 per thousand visits
  • Example 1: 200 readers = $1.6
  • Example 2: 10,000 readers = $80
Generic Traffic: $6 per thousand visits
  • Example 1: 200 readers = $1.2
  • Example 2: 10,000 readers = $60

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